ekoko is for people who care

about health, environment, and sustainable life

No plastic - like it should be!

Bring you an Earth-friendly, low-waste and plastic-free lifestyle with our selection of sustainable hair, body and home care products

Sustainable life begins here

We believe

We believe you can have it all: shiny skin, a stylish home with no harm to your health or the planet. All of our products are made to make you look better and feel comfortable while reducing your impact on the environment

The right formulas

It always takes us a lot more time to develop new products. We want our recipes to be thoroughly tested over time, we want advice from the best beauty experts. Only then, we start testing each product, not on animals, but ourselves. Because we are the most picky people you will ever know

Peaceful, non-toxic

Did you know more than 1000 ingredients that are not allowed to use in Europe, still circulate in the US and Asia? These ingredients have been linked to cancer, early puberty and many other harmful effects. There is no need to be afraid, you can be selective. At ekoko, you are protected, as we only use safe and healthy ingredients

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