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Water is the element of life

Did you know that every 20 seconds somewhere in the world a child dies because of a lack of clean water?  As we know by now plastics are a big deal but let’s not forget about all the chemicals that land up in the world water reserves.

The environmental impact of chemicals used in cosmetics and cleaning products on the worlds water system are very high. The water is simply polluted with it and we drink those chemicals, causing diseases and illness…..

There is to much to tell here but if you are interested we can give you links to information sources that give a lot of detailed information. Unfortunately most of it is in English language but it is time to see the importance of taking care of yourself and your family.

We are proud on the fact that ekoko products are free of toxic chemicals or any other harsh element that will contribute to the water pollution! 

     water is HEALTH!

clean hands can save your life but take care that you do not use a cleaning product that adds toxic chemicals to the water, it will come back to you!

     water is NATURE

Ecosystems lie at the heart of the global water cycle. Do you want to contribute on dead people and animals by adding toxic chemicals by just taking a shower?

     water is FOOD

To produce 2 steaks you need 15.000 liters of water. So why do we use water in our kitchen like it never ends? Finally we will have no food enough to feed the worlds population

     water is EQUALITY

Every day women spend millions of hours carrying water to their families. Did we forget about that? We have faced the same situation so it is also our responsibility to share the resources and keep it clean!

Let’s make our contribution by banning single use plastics and choose the right personal care and cleaning products to keep clean water available for everyone.

Finally; Did you know that every 20 seconds somewhere in the world a child dies because of a lack of clean water?

September 19, 2019


Vũ  thị  Yến

Vũ thị Yến said:

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