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What kind of Shower do you like?

We all like to take a shower right? But we did some research and we created a Top 4 of the ‘Showertype’ that people are. So now our question; what type are you? From all the answers we will randomly take one out and give a Ekoko Shower Package containing Shampoo,  Soap and body mist.

1 - You are the musical type

For you the shower is not a wake-up call, you awaken others with your singing skills. And in the small room it sounds great. And if nobody is looking then you act like a real Popstar!

2 - You are the hasty type

You don’t like to spent to long in the bathroom. You take a shower in about 2 minutes, water, soap, quickly rinse the soap away and ready.


3 - You are the real perfectionist

The bathroom is your favorite spot in the house. Your standard shower equipment shows no less then soap, shampoo, scrub powder, loofah pad, shaving knife and more. Certainly you will not be ready in 2 minutes!

4 - You are the Spa type

You take a long shower with hot water that changes the bathroom almost into a sauna. In the mean time you dream away a little.

Finally we all want the same, we like to have our shower available at any time. Did you know by the way that women prefer an evening shower more and men a morning shower? I like both to be honest, maybe also because of our fantastic soap!

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