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Mood roll-ons

There are many ways to enjoy essential oils, essential oil in mood roll-on is one of them. This is an easy way to carry essential oils with you, with just one bottle of essential oils rolled in your bag, you can use this wonderful fragrance anytime, anywhere! Rolling essential oil is a scientifically proven aroma therapy treatment that uses pure essential oils to act on your senses, penetrating the skin to help us focus, relax, and increase. energy, headaches or flu prevention ... All of these benefits depend on the choice of essential oils to use. At ekoko, we love to choose essential oils that bring you joy, happiness, energy or clarity of mind, because we really need it. Life is increasingly chaotic, so ekoko just wants to bring you joy and happiness, when you take a deep breath, you will feel it immediately, effective in a few seconds. Ekoko mood roll-ons with essential oils are blended by hand with natural essential oils (without flavoring) based on a natural oil, making the fragrance stand out and gentle on the skin. Roll a little of this essential oil directly on your wrist, or neck, where the pulse is. Take a deep breath to let the fragrance spread deep in your mind. Relax ... Especially, the scent of ekoko mood roll-ons essential oil are selected from precious essential oils such as Jasmine, Frankincense .... or very clear, elegant like Sweet Orange, Bergamot ..., not only gives you more energy, joy, but also very pleasant fragrance like rolling perfume oil (different from the essential oils rolling to prevent colds) , headache…) will make you really enjoy using and carrying.