What we do….

We are creators. We create products that are the best in class for an affordable price. It does not mean that we invent new products but we do make them better. Better shape, better formulations, better packaging......better price. Whatever is needed in the recipe of a good consumer product with value for money. Of course with personal health and care for the environment as ‘always ingredients’. Our first products have been natural soaps for shower and face and we still have the same ones plus many more. Never they had any harmfull ingredients. Many people are aware of that now and we still welcome our first customers that helped us survive and develop more good stuff. We believe you can have it all: great hair, glowing skin and a stylish home without compromising our health and our planet. All our products are made to help you look good and feel even better about minimizing your impact on the environment.

Why we do it….

First of all because we love ourselves and the planet that we live on. Does that sound strange? We think that is something we all share. nd because we love ourselves we care about ourselves. This implicates that we care about our health with what we eat, what we use for personal care and much more. Maybe we do a bit more than others and that makes us self-motivated to learn as much as possible what is needed to stay healthy and keep our planet healthy. This kind of curiosity is simply called........PASSION! This ongoing self-education is strenghtening our skills day by day and causes a high motivation. Motivation to find the right products, the right formula’s, the right suppliers to create a solid chain. The only thing that is in our way sometimes is patience. It always takes us more time to develop new products. We want our products to be reviewed, we want consultancy from experts. Then we start testing every single product, not on animals, but on ourselves. Because we are the pickiest people on the planet. If we give ourselves a high-five then the following step is to get the legal approvement from the Ministry of Health for products that require so. Only if all the pieces fit it is good enough.


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