Konjac body sponge - Aloe Vera - Genuine | ekoko
Konjac body sponge - Aloe Vera - Genuine | ekoko
Konjac body sponge - Aloe Vera - Genuine | ekoko

Konjac body sponge - Aloe Vera - Genuine | ekoko



In short:


Ultra smooth, shiny and whiter teeth by natural cellulose.

Caries bacteria and tartar find virtually no attack surface.

With fluoride, EKOKO DENT TABS can help with sensitive teeth and necks.

Controlled natural cosmetics: BDIH Certified, sustainable and ecological.

No unnecessary ingredients, dry, fit for travel and much more.

Smooth & shiny

No matter how unusual it is the first time: the smooth feeling on the teeth everyone immediately notices!

This is the tangible and visible "secret" of EKOKO DENT TABS toothpaste tablets. Strictly speaking, with cellulose your teeth are not "cleaned", but polished with a low RDA value of about 30 and not scratched.

The result can not only be felt, it can actually be seen: thanks to the polish, the teeth get their very own shine, just like any polished surface.

Also discolorations of e.g. Tea, coffee, red wine and nicotine "disappear" because the colored pigments can not adhere to the smooth surface. Thus, the own, original, usually lighter tooth color comes back automatically

No tooth decay & tartar

Smooth and shiny teeth look great, we clarified that here before.

Honestly, it is much more important that virtually no coating (so-called plaque) can form on such polished surfaces. Because only in plaque bacteria can multiply so much and produce so much acid that it can damage the enamel permanently. Without plaque, there is no tooth decay.

Oh yes: Ugly tartar is always made from plaque :-)

Controlled natural cosmetics

It was the original approach of Prof. Gängler to avoid all the "auxiliary substances" that are necessary if you want to make a water-based (tooth) paste. Because all the preservatives, germ inhibitors, bodying agents etc. have nothing to do with the care of the teeth, but serve only the paste as such. They all have the potential to enter the bloodstream through the oral mucosa and thus into the body.

In order to show how seriously we take the issue, we have submitted to the strict conditions of the BDIH to obtain the annual renewed certificate "controlled natural cosmetics"!

"A good dentifrice needs no preservatives, no germ inhibitors, no bleach, moist and binders and above all no water." This realization of Prof. Dr. med. Peter Gängler from the University of Witten-Herdecke provided the occasion for the invention of the EKOKO DENT TABS toothpaste tablet.

Healthy in the mouth

Originally it was about the avoidable "adjuvant", which can get into the blood and thus into the body, so we have been alarmed by reports that point out clearly that the problem actually occurs much earlier.

Again and again observations of users, who tell us about some years of martyrdom: gum bleeding, aphthae, chronic inflamed gums or even a so-called "map tongue".

In the cases known to us, such phenomena were consistently "disappeared" within a very short time following a consistent change in dental care to EKOKO DENT TABS.

Ecological & Sustainable

EKOKO DENT TABS are perfect for oral and dental care.

But EKOKO DENT TABS also impress with completely independent, sustainable aspects:

Resource-saving: EKOKO DENT TABS dispenses with precious water during production (toothpaste usually consists of approx. 50% water).

Avoiding waste: The glass bottle in which we offer EKOKO DENT TABS are ecologically friendly and they are completely emptied and reusable after the last tablet. We have emptied toothpaste tubes "by hand" as best we can. When we then turned the tubes by a hand shortage, came on average still 11 (!) Gram together! Extrapolated to the annual consumption in Vietnam this is a middle football field with about knee-high toothpaste - plus the tubes!


EKOKO DENT TABS are light, do not run out and do not freeze.

Due to their low weight and space-saving packaging, EKOKO DENT TABS are the perfect dental care when traveling.

EKOKO DENT TABS fit in every purse and every toiletry bag - they've proven themselves even in airplane hand luggage.

In addition, from now on you will always know exactly how much dental care you need for your trip: exactly two tablets per day. You do not need to take unnecessary ballast with you.


Microcellulose fibers (microcrystalline cellulose) polishes your teeth ultra smoothly into the interdental spaces. Therefore, new particles on the tooth surfaces can simply bead off, plaque can hardly arise in the first place.

Sodium bicarbonate, better known as "sodium bicarbonate", together with Citric Acid, adjusts the pH of the tablet.

Silica serves as a cleaning agent and helps to remove any soft plaque.

Amisoft (Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate) is a surfactant (soap) that combines the dissolved proteins and fats with water to flush them out while rinsing. In amisoft glutamic acid is esterified with coconut fatty acids. In this chemical process, two naturally occurring substances (coconut fatty acids and glutamic acid) are combined with each other, losing their original properties. "Glutamate" should not be confused with the flavor enhancers used in the food industry - ekoko DENT tabs are glutamate- and gluten-free.

Magnesium Stearate is a herbal adjuvant used in tablet manufacturing.

Natural (mint) aroma, together with stevia and menthol, provide a pleasant feeling of freshness and a "cool" and fresh breath.

Menthol, together with stevia and the mint aroma, provides the pleasant "freshness afterwards".

Xanthan gum is a natural thickener and gelling agent and provides the pleasant creaminess after chewing ekoko tooth tabs Toothpaste tablets.

Stevia (Stevioside) is a sweet-tasting plant that, together with the aroma and the menthol, provides the good taste.

Citric acid regulates the pH value together with sodium bicarbonate (see above) and stimulates the salivation. The increased salivation causes a faster remineralization of the tooth surfaces.

Sodium fluoride (sodium fluoride) - 'natural' only in  DENTTABS with fluoride! It is used for the remineralization of the enamel and can especially help with sensitive tooth necks, but also with incipient caries. Because ekoko tooth tabs are "dry", it only develops its full effect with the application.

Eugenol is part of the natural mint flavor.

DENTTABS are free from preservatives, germ-inhibiting substances, binders and contain neither aluminum nor nanoparticles

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